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Small Business Payroll

Payroll isn't easy, and we understand that. It can be especially tough as a business owner who doesn’t have a dedicated payroll person. It’s easy to make costly mistakes and can take up so much of your time.

Let us help with that. Paper Mountain Accounting is here to make payroll setup simple and to provide you with payroll support.

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    Setting Up Payroll

    Accountant Payroll Services


    There are many factors to consider and handle when you're setting up payroll for the first time. From employee information, salary, pay frequency, factoring in taxable benefits and more, setup can be time-consuming.

    Any mistakes you make while setting up payroll could cost you in the long run. Need help setting up your payroll? Our team can help.

    Keeping Your Payroll Tax Compliant

    As a business owner, you are responsible for staying compliant with payroll rules, and this includes collecting, reporting and filing the appropriate payroll taxes. Expensive errors can lead to payroll audits and penalties.

    Contact our team today if you're not sure how much to deduct for the Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance premiums, and income taxes. We will help you stay tax compliant to minimize the risk of a payroll audit and penalties from the Canada Revenue Agency.

    Managing Employees On Payroll

    Making Onboarding & Offboarding Easy

    Adding New Employees To Payroll

    Just hired someone new? Not a problem. We will help you add any new employees and set them up correctly on their starting salary and pay frequency as a part of our payroll support services.

    You won't have to worry about making time to do this yourself and can instead focus on the rest of their onboarding process.

    Removing Terminated Employees

    Losing employees is difficult, whether they quit or are laid off. Let us help you remove them from payroll and make sure you file the appropriate forms with the government.

    ROE Filings

    When an employee leaves your company, whether they quit or are laid off, you'll need to file a record of employment. We can help you file this so you can keep focusing on your business.

    End Of Year T4s

    Our payroll support includes completion of T4 slips for your employees along with the T4 summary. Rest assured knowing that you're avoiding mistakes and hassle by leaving your T4 return to a qualified and experienced accountant.

    Improving Your Business's Cashflow

    Keeping Your Business In Good Financial Health

    Keeping your company financially healthy can be the difference between growing your company and hiring new staff or taking a backseat on growth for another year. Let us help you develop strategies to improve your cashflow so you can reach your goals and take advantages of new opportunities.

    Supporting Small Businesses

    Focused On Small Business Owners

    We understand how hard it is to run a small business, and that's why we've created monthly accounting packages that include all of the services and support you need for one price.

    Choose Paper Mountain Accounting to help manage your payroll services and more. We're here to help your business achieve its best financial health possible.

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    Ruth Oritez

    Business Owner

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    Ruth Oritez

    Business Owner

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