Cashflow & Planning

Corporate Cashflow Planning

More than profit margin or top-line growth, cashflow is the biggest indicator of the health of your business. Many business owners don’t think about their corporate cashflow until they have a sudden cash shortfall. We're here to help you avoid that. At Paper Mountain Accounting, we help you understand and plan your cashflow, so you have the information you need to grow your business.

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    Understanding Cashflow

    Setting Your Business Up For Success


    Understanding monthly revenue and expenses is a great start to understanding your cashflow. However, there are many other factors affecting your cashflow beyond these two. Some of them are more critical to the success and, sometimes, survival of your business.

    We can help you develop strategies to manage your cashflow, whether you don’t know why you never have enough cash even though sales are amazing, or if your business is slowing down and you need to help prioritizing payables.

    Understanding your cash flow is essential to keeping your business in good financial health. Let us help with that!

    Eliminating Unnecessary Expenses

    Reducing Waste In Your Business

    Once you have a solid understanding of your monthly cash inflows and outflows, you can find opportunities to eliminate unnecessary expenses. We can help you evaluate your largest expenses and help you resolve the slow leak of smaller payments. For example, many business owners are unaware that they're still making payments on subscriptions they no longer need.

    Sometimes, eliminating unnecessary expenses can take the form of making sure specific expenses are paid on time. For example, you could wind up paying thousands of dollars in penalties if you don’t send in your payroll remittances on time.

    We can help you set up a plan to trim unnecessary expenses and prevent them in the future. Ready to get started? Contact our team today.

    Corporate Cashflow Statements

    Monthly Financial Statements

    We’ll help you get a clear picture of your business’s financial situation by providing you with monthly financial statements. From these financial statements, we’ll evaluate the balance sheet and income statement accounts that will have the most impact on your cashflow.

    This helps you to understand exactly how money flows into and out of your business and how much you need to keep in the bank to keep paying your employees and operating expenses.

    Improving Your Business's Cashflow

    Helping Your Business Achieve Financial Health

    Keeping your company financially healthy can be the difference between growing your company and hiring new staff or taking a backseat on growth for another year. Let us help you develop strategies to improve your cashflow so you can reach your goals and take advantages of new opportunities.

    Small Business Cashflow Planning

    Improving Your Overall Finances

    Often small businesses shy away from cashflow planning. It can be an overwhelming process, and this process is made more difficult when you’re behind on your bookkeeping.

    We understand that it can be challenging to make time for bookkeeping and staying on top of your monthly financial statements.

    That's where Paper Mountain Accounting can help. We help you plan your cashflow so your small business has enough cash to run its operations and grow.

    building a trusting work relationship

    Working With Paper Mountain Accounting

    We’re here to help you with your cashflow. How will we do that? By providing solid business advice. Sometimes, improving cashflow isn’t a matter of cutting costs. There are other strategies that can improve your business. We understand what it's like to run a small business and can tailor our advice to your specific situation.

    Monthly Accounting Services & Plans

    Every business owner has different needs, from needing more time, peace of mind or access to a financial expert. We’ll offer you a customized solution that will address your specific business needs. Not sure where to start with your financial and tax situation? Give us a call.

    In-Depth Discovery Session

    We’ll take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your businesses before we start working with you. Understanding the things that keep you up at night and your dreams for your future will help is tailor our advice to your situation.

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    Ruth Oritez

    Business Owner

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    Ruth Oritez

    Business Owner

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